Review of From the Minds of the Masters

Jerry Figgiani. From the Minds of the Masters: The Inside Thoughts Tips and Techniques From Modern Karate-do’s Best and Brightest. New York: Create Space, 2015. Pp. 218. $25.00. Book review by Sensei David S. Hogsette, Ph.D. This new book from Sensei Jerry Figgiani is a significant addition to the on-going discussions of how traditional karate

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“Shoshin Nagamine”

“Shoshin Nagamine” by Sensei Jerry Figgiani, published in Masters Magazine, Spring 2014.


Carbonara “I Never Won a Trophy”

Interview of Sensei Joe Carbonara by Sensei Jerry Figgiani published in Masters Magazine, Winter 2010.


Sensei Jerry Figgiani Interview

Interview of Sensei Jerry Figgiani, president and founder of Shorin Ryu Karatedo International, by Sensei Bradley Wells for Masters Magazine, Spring 2012. Click the arrow button to open in separate window.


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