Hair Grab Bunkai Drill for Pinan Shodan

October 13, 2018

We usually think of hair grabbing as part of youth or adolescent schoolyard bullying and fighting. However, assaults against women often involve hair grabbing, mainly because women generally have long hair (or hair long enough to grab) that is easy to grab and pull. Women on women assault often includes hair grabbing (women know it’s easy to control someone by grabbing the hair…), and sexual violence against women involves hair grabbing as a way to intimidate and control the attacked woman. Sometimes, men will grab another man’s hair when clinched up or during in-close fighting as a way to regain control of the fight or to reposition the head and body for striking or takedown. All that to say: the hair grab is a real attack and we need to develop strategies for dealing with it. This video describes how we might apply the opening moves of Pinan Shodan/Heian Nidan as an effective way to deal with the hair grab attack.


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