Practicing Iain Abernethy Kihon Combinations During Self-Isolation

In early March 2022, I travelled to Shanghai for a doctor’s appointment, and upon returning to Wenzhou, my hometown, the local COVID authorities informed me that there were some cases in Shanghai and that as a result, Shanghai was designated a medium risk city. Therefore, I was quarantined in my apartment for three days and received two PCR tests. Once cleared, I was put on self-isolation for 11 more days. I was able to leave my apartment, but I could not go to campus, malls, grocery stores, or other such places. Everyone has to show a green health code in order to enter such public places. I would not be allowed access until my code changed back to full green.

Since I could not train on campus, I turned my living room into my dojo, reminding me of how I trained in my hotel rooms during the month of quarantine upon first arriving in China in June 2021. This short video captures me practicing a few of Iain Abernethy’s practical kihon combinations, including self-protection and sparring (sport fighting) combinations:

  1. Lead elbow, rear elbow, followed by knee to the groin. (Self-protection)
  2. Jab, front kick to groin, cross to head (which is lower after kicking to groin), round kick to leg. (Sparring)
  3. Jab, round kick to leg, cross to head (which is lower after kicking to leg), round kick to body or head, pull down hands, step in and punch to head. (Sparring)
  4. Head butt, rear knee to groin, push back for distancing, front kick to groin, reverse palm heel strike to head, slap to ear/head with other hand (knocking his head down to the side), step in and hammer fist to head. (Self-protection)