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Pennsylvania Self-Protection Law:

Use of Force in Self-protection Law in PA

Use of Force for the Protection of Other Persons in PA

Use of Force for the Protection of Property in PA

Civil Immunity for Use of Force in PA

Free Self-Protection Course with Wallace Smedley

Alain Burrese

Staying Safe with Alain Burrese


Other Self-Protection Resources:

Search for websites, books, and DVDs by the following people who are experts in the field of self-protection and self-defense:

Marc MacYoung

Kris Wilder

Lawrence Kane

Rory MIller

Peyton Quinn

Terry Trahan

Iain Abernethy

Wim Demeer

Alain Burrese

Rik Kellerman

Onassis Parungao

David Rogers

Frank Bolte

Pavel MacekĀ