Community Self-Defense Class–March 16

Self-Defense Class in Slippery Rock, PA

Sensei David Hogsette will teach a free self-defense seminar for residents at the Grove Apartments in Slippery Rock, PA. Topics will include:

  • Identifying different types of violence and hope to cope
  • Understanding and avoiding the monkey dance (social violence)
  • How to deal with resource predators and process predators (asocial violence)
  • Awareness, avoidance, escape, and de-escalation
  • Basic self-defense techniques:
    • Defensive guard
    • Pre-emptive striking
    • Palm-heel strikes
    • Basic punches
    • Elbow and knee strikes
    • Wrist releases with counters
    • Choke releases with counters

Date: March 16

Time: 7-9pm

Location: Grove Apartments in Slippery Rock, PA

Cost: Free to residents of the apartment complex