Reinforced Chest Block Bunkai Drills Pinan Shodan

February 16, 2019

In this video, we explore the use of the reinforced chest block as a transitional position for a basic throw. We work these applications from a haymaker punch and from the basic clinch. The preceding reverse punch in the kata helps destabilize the enemy, as it is difficult to throw someone who is firmly grounded or who is resisting the throw. The punch contributes to the success of the throw. The reinforced chest block gets you in position for the throw, and the pivot into low block position is the throw. We also explore using the next high block in the kata as a contingency plan in case the throw fails.

There are basic throws in karate, but they are not the “go-to” moves. However, learning basic throws is important for our training because they have always been part of traditional karate, and they can be effective in civilian combat (self-defense).


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