Shuto Uke Bunkai and Pad Drills for Pinan Shodan

December 5, 2018

The shuto uke, or knife-hand block, is a classic karate technique and position. This video examines how to apply shuto uke in four ways:

  1. A strategy for clearing a guard to strike the enemy’s head
  2. A flinch response and counter against a haymaker punch
  3. A defense and counter against a high wrist grab
  4. A way to prevent someone from grabbing your lapel or reaching in to grab you

Toward the end of the video students practice the techniques with impact training, hitting kicking shields and target pads. As Iain Abernethy explains, it is important to engage the full training matrix in which you work drills that help address flaws in other related drills. (Here is the direct Youtube link if the other link doesn’t work.) In this case, we work the solo kata, practice the application moves in the air kihon style (not shown in video), work the applications with a partner with control, and then use more power with impact training. Later, we engage live training.


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