Women’s Self-Defense–Oct 24

Women’s Self-Defense at the Grove City, PA, YMCA

Sensei David Hogsette will teach a free women’s self-defense seminar at the Grove City, PA, YMCA. This will be a free seminar, open to the community. Topics covered:

  • Identifying types of violence and how to cope
  • Developing situational awareness skills
  • Understanding avoidance and escape strategies
  • Exploring the basics of de-escalation
  • Practicing some basic self-defense techniques:
    • Defensive postures
    • Palm-heel strikes
    • Elbow strikes
    • Knee strikes
    • Wrist releases
    • Choke-hold releases

Cost: FREE!

Location: Grove City, PA, YMCA

Map and Directions

Date: October, 24 2015

Time: 10am-12n