Fukyugata Ich Solo Pad Drill 1

August 4, 2020

Solo training is an important part of the martial artist’s overall training matrix. During the Covid-19 pandemic, dojos have closed and martial artists have had to become creative in developing solo training drills to keep up with their various skills. In addition to practicing our kata, we can also practice our bunkai applications for our kata in various types of solo training drills. In previous videos, I demonstrated how to train some applications for Fukyugata Ich in shadow boxing and heavy bag drills. However, not everyone has a heavy bag. Here is a video on how to practice a bunkai application solo pad drill for the opening sequence of Fukyugata Ich. Also, as dojos begin to open up, many states and regions around the world require students to maintain physical distancing within the dojo, which means no partner training. Partners cannot even hold target mitts, because physical distancing cannot be maintained. However, individual students can use these types of solo pad training drills in the dojo, thus getting in some important impact training as well as kata and kihon practice. Inspired by solo pad drills from Lee Morrison of Urban Combatives and Iain Abernethy.


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