Sensei Hogsette Fukyugata Ichi Bunkai Drill 1

Sensei David Hogsette Developing a Bunkai Drill for Opening Moves of Fukyugata Ichi (2014)

Sensei David working with Nate Herzog to develop a bunkai application drill for the opening sequence of Fukyugata Ichi. The “low block” is interpreted as a response to the lead guard being grabbed (opponent trying to lower the guard so as to strike your head): move an an angle to your opponent as in the kata and the “low block” motion pulls the opponent forward to expose the head; step in and strike the head (which should be at roughly chest level, thus the “chest punch”). If the opponent doesn’t drop, then smash the other side of his head/neck with the windup for the next “low block.” If he doesn’t drop, then grab the chin, pull in tight to chest (continuing motion of the “low block”), pivot around and take him down, ending in “low block” position. If he doesn’t go down (as in the video), then step in and punch (the punch after the “low block”).

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