Sensei Hogsette Fukyugata Ichi Bunkai Drill 2

Sensei David Hogsette Developing a Bunkai Drill for Second Portion of Fukyugata Ichi (2014)

Sensei David Hogsette working with Nate Herzog. This sequence is the punch, pivot “low block,” and lunge punch. It is interpreted as a defense against an attempted lapel grab. The reaching hand is parried and grabbed with the other hand as you step in and punch. The windup for the “low block” is interpreted as an elbow smash to the head and the pivot into a “low block” is an attempted take down (in which the opponent’s back slams onto your knee when in a forward stance). If the opponent doesn’t go down or hops out of the take down (as in this video), then step in and punch.

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